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Loonatics Unleashed is an "action-comedy-adventure" series that features descendants of the Looney Tunes. After a meteor knocks Earth off its axis, the six become imbued with super powers. Ace Bunny (laser vision and martial arts prowess), Lexi Bunny (expert eavesdropping, hypersensitive hearing, aerial agility, and ability to blast objects with her mind), Danger Duck (teleporting expertise and energy sphere hurling), Slam Tasmanian (tornado generation and super strength ), Rev Runner (telekinetic GPS-tracking system and supersonic speed), and Tech E. Coyote (regenerative powers, electromagnetic abilities, and mechanical mastery) are organized into the Loonatics by the mysterious Zadavia who sends the team out on their missions. But the cosmic dust that gave super powers them, has also given the planet’s villains their own uncommon strengths that pose an ongoing threat to Earth!

Loonatics Unleashed has its flaws. The character designs of the Loonitcs are a bit too similar, and the voices are a bit grating at times as they try to sound too "hip". But overall the show has potential. The story style is classic TV superhero fare. And a touch of the irreverent, sharp-edged wit of the original Looney Tunes is still there. It should appeal to kids who enjoy the classic characters and want something new. And young boys and girls just love all the action! (like me!!)